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Discover The Lantern Network


Step into the world of The Lantern Network, a beacon of hope founded back in July 2020 by Erwin Raphael, Tracy Raphael, and Richard Gilliam in sunny Irvine, California. We're on a mission that seems almost magical, one where we aim to spark change and illuminate the futures of underestimated Americans. Our goal is to foster economic freedom, making society more inclusive and competitive for everyone.


Our Astonishing Mission


Close your eyes and imagine a world where every underestimated young person has a chance to shine, where they can shatter barriers and unlock their full potential. That's precisely the dream we're chasing at The Lantern Network. We're a non-profit organization that's all about empowering folks with incredible talent and intelligence but limited resources and connections. Our secret sauce? Mentorship programs that connect budding talents with seasoned mentors who provide guidance, support, and career insights. We're also in the business of cultivating future business leaders through entrepreneurship initiatives that equip them with the training, access to capital, and mentorship they need to thrive. But wait, there's more! We're weaving a vast nationwide network of corporations, sponsors, colleges, universities, and influential people who share our belief in investing in these bright young minds. Together, we're crafting a brighter future where every young individual can chase their dreams. So, why not join us on this enlightening journey to success?


A Network of Light and Freedom


Our inspiration comes from the storied Underground Railroad, and much like those brave networks of the past, we're forging connections with sponsoring corporations, higher-ed institutions, influential individuals, and various organizations. It's all about sharing hope and lighting up the path to freedom and success.


Our Impactful Programs


  1. Mentorship: Picture this - college students getting paired up with seasoned mentors who offer sage advice, unwavering support, and a guiding light towards career success.

  2. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship isn't just a buzzword; it's a potent tool for wealth creation and community empowerment. Our entrepreneurship program provides budding Black entrepreneurs with the knowledge, access to capital, and mentorship opportunities they need to make it big.

  3. Inspiring Stories: Ever heard of stories that pack a punch? Well, we produce high-quality streaming tales that serve as motivational beacons, inspiring underserved youth across the country to crush barriers and reach their financial goals. These stories show that success is possible, no matter the hurdles.


Carry the Torch Forward


Our founders have this incredible vision of a future where economic and educational freedom isn't a pipe dream but accessible to all. By joining our cause, you become a torchbearer, spreading bravery and hope for a brighter tomorrow. So, why not lend your hand and help us craft a more inclusive, competitive, and enjoyable society for everyone?


In Conclusion


At The Lantern Network, we're on a mission to make life better for underestimated Americans. With your support, we can turn these ambitious goals into reality and empower young Americans to reach the stars. Join us today and be part of this mesmerizing journey toward a brighter future!



1. INSPIRE passion and ignite the desire to start the journey by illuminating the many paths to Economic Freedom.

2. GUIDE the way by providing life skills, coaching and professional mentorship.

PROPEL life-changing careers through engaged sponsorship and partnerships with forward-thinking businesses and other organizations. These partners will benefit from the cognitive diversity and unique approaches to problem solving and strategic growth that are endemic to The Lantern Network and the youth we support.


We love our Corporate Sponsors! The Lantern Network partners with many influential leaders, companies and sponsors who make it possible carry out the mission to lead our young people to economic freedom.  If you and/or your company would like to sponsor TLN, too, let us know.  We'll get information about sponsoring sent your way.

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