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Unlock Your Potential with The Lantern Network's Mentorship Program!

Are you a college student eager to grow both personally and professionally?  Whether you're aiming to land that crucial internship, secure a coveted position upon graduation, or climb the corporate ladder, we're here to support your ambitions. Join us for an opportunity to enhance your leadership, networking, and professional skills within a community that understands and champions your aspirations. Let's build your pathway to a stable and prosperous future together!

Discover Comprehensive Growth
Through engaging monthly workshops and our on-demand skill-building platform, you'll acquire essential skills that extend beyond traditional mentoring programs. Embrace mindfulness with our resources, promoting balance and focus as you thrive in every aspect of your life.

Empowerment for Success
Picture yourself thriving in college and beyond, empowered to conquer challenges and seize opportunities. Our network of professional mentors is ready to guide you on this path to success.

Join The Lantern Network Today!
If you're between 18 and 25 and crave a connection with a professional mentor, don't hesitate to apply! Take the first step towards your transformational journey. Start your growth story today: Apply now!

Ready to unlock your potential? Apply now and let's begin this journey together!

Application & Interview

First Step

Our application and interview process helps us be sure you are matched with the right Mentor in the right professional field for the best experience and results.  Apply here:

The Lantern Network Mentee Application

Get Inspired

Phase One

Phase One is where you’ll spend some time with our world-class life coaches as you work to break down destructive habits and limiting behaviors, establish a vision, and lay out a strategic plan for your success. 

Leadership & Development

Phase Two

In Phase Two you will learn in-demand soft and professional skills as you participate in a virtual mentorship program that blends online learning and one-on-one sessions with your mentor. Gain a competitive advantage as you establish a dynamic relationship with you mentor and complete our skill trees. 

Propel Yourself into the Workforce

Phase Three

It’s Phase Three and now is the time to put your skills to the test. You’ve established a plan, successfully completed your learning objectives, and have gained insight from your mentor that can now be used in the work force. Here you will pivot into one of our paid internship, apprenticeship, or entrepreneurial programs. 

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