The flame inside the railroad crossing on our logo symbolizes illumination and hope. And most importantly, there is a play on the network that existed to assist escaping enslaved people along their journey to freedom. There was an underground network of individuals and small organizations that provided resources back then.


Today we are creating an evident network of sponsoring corporations, groups, individuals, and partnerships with other nonprofits to construct a network that will light the path to economic freedom for young Black Americans.  Join the Network!


The typical net worth of white households in the US was $171K, nearly 10 times greater than the wealth of Black households ($17,150) in 2016.


Less 2% of Fortune 500 CEO's are Black. 


90% of young adults who were mentored, would like to become a mentor.


Young adults who were mentored are 130% more likely to hold leadership positions.

About the Lantern and What it Represents

The Lantern Network is rich with symbolism from The Underground Railroad. Our logo comprises the railroad crossings that were embedded into quilts to communicate to runaway slaves.  A lantern, quilts and certain songs were signals used at the safe houses all along the Underground Railroad to indicate that it was safe for freedom seekers to approach the house. 

How you can support The Lantern Network

We have many ways you can support The Lantern Network and the important work we do. You can become a mentor or mentee, volunteer, become an advocate, and/or give generously to impact a positive change in a young adult's future!

University Student


Our proprietary mentorship program is at the center of The Lantern Network's mission.  

Join The Lantern Lighters Giving Club 

Our regular supporters who join The Lantern Lighters Giving Club are our supporters who have made a monthly, quarterly, or annual commitment to impact change in a young persons future! Join the club and change lives!

Get to Know Us

Meet our team, ask us questions, and read more about TLN. 

Office Worker


A web series featuring successful Black Americans across an exceptionally wide spectrum of professional pursuits—from dental hygienist to lawyer, and everyone in between.

The Lantern Network streaming content is instrumental in demonstrating how real people with real stories achieve personal goals.

Internships lay the foundation for the student's future career. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 90% of them are offered a job with their sponsoring company, often moving up the pay scale when they sign that first offer. 

The Lantern Network endeavors to connect our mentees with paid intern positions at some of the world's leading industry innovators, with the goal of opening up vast future opportunities. Students are coached academically and professionally, with access to a dedicated team of trainers, mentors and recruiters, all of whom are here to connect the student with their greatest tools for success. 



Aspiring to lead the next generation along the path towards economic freedom, The Lantern Network takes its inspiration from the Underground Railroad of old. We exist to help American youths realize skills and talents that lead to success, while building confidence, self-esteem, respect, responsibility and integrity. To do that, we align mentees with specialized one-on-one and group mentoring to give them guidance, support, skill sets and encouragement specific to their needs and goals.