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The Lantern Network also accepts your generous non-cash donations, including stocks & bonds, wills, trusts, grants, foundation gifts, QCDs & IRAs, real estate, personal property, and business interests before the sale. Your planned-giving donations can reduce your taxes and are a great way to support us! The proceeds will help fund our critical mission to change the lives of our youth and future generations to come. 

If you’d like to learn more about creative ways to give to The Lantern Network, please reach out to our Executive Director, Tracy Raphael, at (334) 391-3886 or Thank you!


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Young Nurse


THE LANTERN NETWORK offers many opportunities for you to help guide, inspire and propel underrepresented youth toward a future of economic freedom -- for them, their families, our communities, and our nation. And, there are plenty of Creative Ways You Can Give to do just that!


Check out a few creative giving ideas here! Let us know through the Contact Form if you see a gift you'd like to know more about. 

  • Crypto

  • Will or Trust

  • Beneficiary Gifts

  • Stocks & Bonds

  • Real Estate

  • Personal Property

  • Donor Advised Funds

  • Foundation Gifts

  • Grants

  • QCDs & IRAs

We can't wait to help you discover the many ways you can reduce your taxes, increase your impact at TLN, and benefit your family.  

The Lantern Network is committed to upholding the highest standards of financial stewardship and accountability, and to helping donors achieve their financial and charitable goals. We are independently audited by choice each year. A clean report means that The Lantern Network's financial records are correct and conform to the guidelines set out by GAAP.  

We subscribe to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor's Bill of Rights and other independent organizations whose task is to monitor non profit organizations for legal compliance and best practices. The Lantern Network is accountable, transparent, and good stewards of the charitable gifts we receive.  


If you have questions regarding how we steward gifts at The Lantern Network, please ask.

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